Sad end of ancient elm in Brighton

News at John Hoole | 04/12/2019

It has stood proudly since the reign of James I.  But hit by a deadly disease, one of the oldest elm trees in Europe is now facing the axe.

The tree was one of a pair planted in Brighton around 1613.  More than 100ft tall and with a 23ft girth, the 'Preston Park Twins' are widely believed to be among the largest and oldest English elms in the world.  but tragically one of the pair contracted dutch elm disease earlier this year and must be felled to save its 'twin'.

Dutch elm disease - which came to the UK in the 1970s virtually wiped out stocks of old English Elms.  There are more than 17,000 elm trees in Brighton and Hove - the largest concentration in Britain - and the council is internationally renowned for its work to manage the disease.

John Hoole Estate Agents source: The Dail Mail - Monday December 2, 2019