Ovingdean is a small formerly agricultural village which was absorbed into the borough of Brighton in 1928, and now forms part of the city of Brighton and Hove.


The historic village is a conservation area. Its focus is the eleventh-century St Wulfran’s Church. Many homes in the conservation area are converted farm buildings, and the most prominent houses are Ovingdean Grange and Ovingdean Hall.


The area has expanded through the growth of residential streets on its eastern and southern sides, and now has a population of about 1200. The village is flanked by Rottingdean to the South-East and Woodingdean to the North-East, but still has open land on its other sides, on which may be found a golf course and Brighton Racecourse as well as some residual farmland.

Getting there

Approximately five miles east along the coast road from Brighton, and access from Rottingdean and Woodingdean via the Falmer Road.

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